The Basic Coaching (Distance Coaching) option is individualized personal coaching for teens and young adults. The students participate in one coaching session per week, and are also invited to join weekly and biweekly coaching groups.  Contracts are renewed monthly.
Distance coaching is offered to any emerging adult with access to a phone through phone coaching sessions. Young Adults in the Keene, NH area can choose to meet in person for individual sessions.  Group sessions occur in Keene, NH as well.
Basic Coaching offers:
Private coaching session, once a week, by telephone or in person
Group Coaching session, twice a month, by telephone or in person
Email/phone support
Option for an Inner Connections Coach or Mentor to travel and to join the young adult (and family) in their current living setting to develop a coaching plan and a relationship from which to launch the weekly telephone coaching relationship.
Basic Coaching is ideal for:
Any young adult looking to activate change in their life
Teens and young adults who have come out of other programs, and are seeking support as they navigate the use of new skills and beliefs
Students who have moved out of a Coaching House apartment and want transitional support.


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